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About Us

Sierra-West Funding specializes in providing financing for short-term real estate bridge loans.  If you are a real estate investor and need funding for your real estate project, we can help.   We are managed by experienced real estate investors who understand how deals need to be financed in order to make deals work.

We have financed hundreds of properties across the Wasatch Front and understand the market very well.   This allows for quick underwriting and analysis of your deal.

What kind of properties we financed:

Non-Owner Occupant Residential 





Who We Are


Matt has been involved in real estate since 2004. He has fliped around 420 properties all across the state of Utah.  In 2007, Matt started operating as a hard money lender to help other real estate investors finance their transactions. To this say he has funded over 800 hard money loans, a total funding of $186 Million. Matt obtained a Master in Real Estate Development in 2015 and he also helps new investors get started in the real estate world